How to apply to IB?

How to apply to IB?

Applications for a place on the IB Diploma Programme should be submitted to Rogaland County through:

For more help on how to apply using vigo see:
 Deadlines for applications and  register your application on vigo 

In addition, you must complete an internal school application form with more information on subject choices, educational background and reasons for choosing the IB Diploma Programme. This is an interactive form and should be submitted electronically to the school.
Though we prefer that you use digital submission, you may alternatively submit the application in paper form by mailing it, with grades, directly to the school at: Jens Zetlitz gate 33, 4008 Stavanger. Please note that all grades (vitnemål) MUST be send by regular mail and the envelope marked: IB Application.

If you miss this deadline, please contact IB Diploma Coordinator, Fiona Andvik, directly.
 The digital application form

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